Fun Facts That Will Make You Sound Super Smart

Memorize these fun facts and your colleagues will think that you are a genius. Don't worry, we won't tell.

  • If you put an egg in cold water and it floats, do not eat it as it could be rotten. Good eggs sink.

  • The 9th of January 1493, navigating near the Dominican Republic, Christopher Columbus claimed he saw three sirens (the greek mythology version of mermaids), and said that "They were not as beautiful as they are depicted in paintings." In reality they were most likely manatees.

  • A photographer named Daniel Sorine stumbles upon too mimes in Central Park in 1974. He took a few moments to photograph the duet as they quietly performed. The New York-based photographer came across the negatives almost 35 years later. He then realized that one of those talented fellows in the park was actually a young Robin Williams before he became famous. Daniel said “When I approached them with my Pentax Spotmatic they allowed me to invite them into my camera instead of me having to chase after them.”

  • If Bill Gates spent one million dollars a day, it would take approximately 218 years for him to run out of money.

  • Thomas deMahy, Marqués de Favras a French aristocrat, was sentenced to death in France in 1790 for "planning against the people of France". When read his death warrant, Tomas simply exclaimed "I see you have committed three spelling mistakes".

  • One day in April 1930, the BBC reported "There is no news today". So they proceeded to transmit piano music.

  • Irv Gordon, a former teacher, toured 3 millions miles behind the wheel of his cherry-red 1966 Volvo. He broke the Guinness World Record for “highest certified mileage driven by the original owner in noncommercial service”.

  • Sean Connery walked out on the role as 007 in 1967. This was Sean's fifth Bond movie and feared he was becoming a typecast. The producers then approached Clint Eastwood to take over as 007. Eastwood rejected the role, arguing that the agent 007 should be interpreted by a British actor.

  • The reason why the beans produce gases is because they contain a particular sugar called oligosaccharides. The human body does not produce the enzyme that fully breaks down the oligosaccharides sugar. Bacteria in the large intestine brake down the oligosaccharides sugar causing fermentation. Hence the flatulence.

  • Crickets have a protein content of 65% to 70%, while beef only have a protien content of 17% to 40%.

  • Hershey's Chocolate does not contains enough cocoa to be recognized as "Chocolate", by Great Brittany standards. UK chocolate must contain at least 20% cocoa solids. In the US cocoa solids need to only make up 10%. Hershey's Chocolate contains 11%.

  • A cat giving you a gentle headbutt is there way of showing affection and trust.

  • 80% of males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not survive the Second World War.

  • The largest transfer of wealth in history had taken place in the Second World War during operation "Fish". Where 186,332 ingots of gold and more than 226 tons of gold coins were transported from the United Kingdom to Canada. Not even one crate or treasury bill was lost or missing.

  • The average cloud has a weight of 498 tons.