Jeremy Faucher


In my studies and work I have pursued doing both design and development. I enjoy making clean, modern design and developing sites with great user experience.

WordPress Development

CrossFit Route 1

Custom WordPress Development | Custom responsive design

This is a custom built, fully responsive WordPress theme from a HTML mock-up. I designed and built the interior pages to have a custom look and feel from the homepage to meet the clients requests. For this theme I developed a custom blog that allows the CrossFit Route 1 trainers to post there daily workouts and for the member to log there results using the WordPress comments features.

Midas Microsites

Custom WordPress Theme Development | Store Locator Plugin Development | XML Mapping with Excel | Custom Responsive Design

This is a custom built, fully responsive WordPress theme and plugin I developed.

I customized and developed a store locator plugin for the Tampa and Phoenix Midas locations. This PHP store locator plugin allows users to search and locate the nearest Midas stores in their city.

The store locator map gives the user a popup location pin, directions and store information. It also allows the user to be able to book an appointment and get a coupon for each separate location.

For Each of the external store locator buttons I also developed in a Google analytics Remarketing Javascript code for Valpak Media Solutions.

The graphic design for this project involved recreating the locations redeem offers coupons into a banner for the homepages. The overall goal for the microsites design was to mimic the corporate sites look and feel while giving the microsites there our custom look.

Comments on finished work from client. “Great job mimicking the Midas corporate site and the store locator while giving the microsites a unique look and user experience. Thank you for integrating the oil can icon with the homepage banner layout as we requested.”

Zender America

WordPress Development | Plug-In Development | JavaScript & Jquery

For this project I built a custom Request for System Online Quote Form for Zehnder America Inc.

I used PHP, JavaScript and Jquery to create the form functions.

This is a dynamic form allows the user to add Project specifications base on their answer for the question, How did you initially learn about Zehnder?

The form has an add more feature for the the spaces section of the form and also gives the user the option to upload multiple document that will be sent with the submitted email.



As a Graphic Design student living in Seattle, photography moments were everywhere. It was great fun capturing all the landscapes I could.


Dynamic Shapes Posters

Illustrative Design | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop

Concept poster using a hand illustrated dynamic shape.

The idea comes from creating a distorted version of one of my favorite shapes and repeating them to create a dynamic pattern. When the pattern was finished it said Sub Galactic to me and that is where the type overlay came from.

The Umbra Terra second version of the poster is the shape without its distortion and zoomed in to give the feel of an eclipse of the shape.

Central Circuit

Illustrative design | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop

Publication cover illustration for the Central Circuit art issue. The art cover’s concept was to simulate the effect of a printer running out of ink due to the lack of funding at Seattle Central Community College.

Storytelling Illustration

Illustrative design | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop

Creative storytelling poster illustrating the posed question “how did I get here?”

I thought the idea of me being shot out of a cannon would explain the contrast of where I am from, to where I currently was.

I was going to college in the big city of Seattle and I am originally from a small farm town in Wisconsin.


Dog Tricks App

User Experience | Adobe InDesign | Corel Draw

This Dog Tricks App is my idea for a fun hub and spoke mobile app for dog owners.

The app is designed to help owners keep their dogs alert with fun dog tricks using videos and step-by-step tutorials.

Graphic Design

Backpacker Magazine

Adobe InDesign | Adobe Illustrator

I used a more juxtaposition layout style to emphasize the rugged exploration that is common in backpacking.

The layout has an underlining grid system that holds everything together. I wanted the magazine to stand out as well as intrigue the viewer to want to see more.

The magazine has a modern feel and uses a humanist typeface that I enjoy working with.


Little Sal’s Salad Dressing

Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign

Little Sal’s salad dressing is my concept for a catchy food product that hints at its Italian heritage. The bright colors make it stand out from other products and use a harmonious balance that is appealing to the viewer.